Science news, interviews and stories from the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) is part of the University of Texas at Austin. TACC designs and operates some of the world's most powerful computing resources. The center's mission is to enable discoveries that advance science and society through the application of advanced computing technologies.

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Supercomputers Fire Lasers to Shoot Gamma Ray Beam


TACC Stampede, Lonestar supercomputers help discover gamma ray creation from lasers

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UT Chancellor William McRaven on TACC supercomputers - "We need to be the best in the world"


UT System Chancellor William McRaven spoke of his path to lead the UT System of 14 Institutions, the importance of supercomputers to Texans and to the nation, the new Dell Medical School, and more.

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Zika Hackathon Fights Disease with Big Data


More than 50 volunteer programmers gathered in Austin on May 15 to use Big Data to fight the spread of Zika.

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Sudden Collapse: Supercomputing Spotlight on Gels


Cornell researcher Roseanna Zia simulates gel behavior with XSEDE, Stampede supercomputer.

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Docker for Science


Joe Stubbs of the Texas Advanced Computing Center describes potential benefits to scientists of open container platform Docker in supporting reproducibility, NSF-funded Agave API.

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Dark Energy of a Million Galaxies


UT Austin astronomer Steven Finkelstein eyes Wrangler supercomputer for HETDEX extragalactic survey.

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Human Origins in Fossil Data


Paleoanthropologist Denne Reed of UT Austin connects fossil data of human origins.

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Supercomputers Save Money, Save Energy


Computer scientist Joshua New of Oak Ridge National Laboratory optimizes buildings to save energy.

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Evolution of Monogamy


UT Austin biologist Rebecca Young traces the genes behind monogamous behavior using Wrangler supercomputer.

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Wrangler Supercomputer Speeds through Big Data


NSF-funded Wrangler supercomputer tailored for big data, augments Stampede and other XSEDE resources.

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